how to succeed by copying

 One of the reasons for failure in any work is that people start the same work by imitating the success of others.

            Seeing that someone's clothes shop is running a lot, he opens a clothes shop. Seeing someone's fight becomes an engineer, seeing this, he gets his boy admitted in engineering. There are many successful people who see the same work. let's start

           Copying is not a bad thing. But the onlookers only see the sex of this person, they see the benefit of it. The hard work behind that sex. Don't see his struggle, his passion, his passion.

        O don't see how many times he has fallen and got up. What problems have you faced? Where have I taken information about that business from where. What kind of training has been done.

         Because he has not been successful in his work just like that. For example, suppose someone's clothes shop is running well. That person must have spent his time working in a clothes shop. Understand the nuances of this business. Where to pick up the same cheaply. When to pick up. How much patience is needed? How many people are needed? He must have taken the time to understand a lot more information. Then he would have succeeded in this business.

        Similarly a boy has become a good engineer. He is earning a lot of money. He must have worked himself hard in the studies of that label, his inclination will be towards engineering. Math English will be his strong since childhood. Many things will happen to his success. behind.

         If someone starts doing that work just after seeing success, then there is more chance of him failing.

      I am talking about such people who start work without working hard, without taking training. If the work does not work, they leave it and start another work and then the third one. In this way, failing in many things, they start blaming fate.

         You imitate. You imitate a businessman. Imitate a doctor, an engineer. Do whatever success man you want to imitate. Only by looking at the other man moves forward. But copying does not mean that just watch came to mind and started working.

        Copying means that after complete preparation like him, the work should be started. Know the nuances of that work. Take training for that work. Try to see whether you feel like doing it or not. You are able to survive in adverse situations or not. Weigh yourself well and start work with full confidence. You will definitely achieve success. 

        These are just two examples we have given. You want to do any work, any job in the world. Get started. Success is waiting for you.

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