Why Google Adsense application gets rejected?

 Why Google Adsense application gets rejected?

 That is, why does Google Adsense reject your blog site?

      Friends, this question is being asked time and again. I am trying to answer this question.

       Even before this I have written a post "How do new bloggers get Google Adsense approval?" How do new bloggers get Google Adsense approval?

 If you read this post then many things will become clear. Because this post is my own experience. Whatever has been spent on me, I have written in this post. I have also written about the difficulties which I had to face. I have also written those things which haunt your mind with prejudiced things, which have nothing to do with reality. You must read. How did I get the approval of Adsense, you will also benefit from these things.

There are some other things. Coming to the question, why does Google Adsense get rejected? Or why does Google Adsense reject your blog site?

 Reasons for Adsense Rejection

 1. Must be the domain of the top label. If your blog page will not work fast then Adsense will be rejected. It would be good to have domain .In, .Org, .Com, .net etc.

 2.  The number of posts should be more than fifteen. And on whatever subject the post is on, there should be comprehensive information. Half the information should not be there. Otherwise Adsense will be rejected.

 3.  The age of the blogger should be more than 18 years. If it is less then Adsense will be rejected.

 4.  There must be about us, contact us, privacy policy, desclaimar, terms and condition, dmca page on the home page. Otherwise Adsense will be rejected.

 5.  Most important thing, whatever you write should not be copied from anywhere. You must have your own creation. Adsense will be rejected if copied content is found.

 6.   If you are writing on a topic on which many people have written, then write it in your own way. Tell your opinion in that. It should not seem that you are telling the same things that have been told by other people before. If this happens Adsense will get rejected.

 7.   There should be no copyright infringement from anywhere. Audio, video, photo, all should be such that the copyright is not violated. Otherwise Adsense will be rejected.

       That's all you have to do. And don't have to do anything. Adsense will not get rejected. There is some prejudice in people, that too I want to remove.


 1.  Adsense approval is not available on 1 new blog

       Many people will tell you that there should be a 6 month old blog. These are prejudiced things. There is no time limit. You see my first post was done on 9th April 2022. Till now even four months have not been completed Adsense has been approved.

 2.  The blog should have a lot of traffic

       People will be told that there should be a lot of traffic on the blog. Somewhere you will be told 100 of each day, 500 by some and 1000 by some. This is also wrong. No new blog gets that much traffic. There was traffic of five, ten, fifty hundred on my blog. Many a day, not a single view was available. Still got the approval of Adsense. Just don't have unethical traffic.

        In the end, I would like to say that your content should be original. Should not have been copied from anywhere. Also, no content in your blog infringes the copyright. be unique. Your blog site will not be rejected by Google Adsense.

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