How to keep the body away from diseases?

 worry about eating

 Some people are always worried about what to eat? How much did you eat? how to eat Won't this food harm? There is more oil in it, now the stomach will remain upset throughout the day. Ate rice today. We eat bread.

    In the matter of eating and drinking, most people listen less to themselves and more to others. People have been listening since childhood, don't eat it, it will harm. Don't eat so much it will harm. Do not eat standing, it will harm. You do not know whether the food has harmed you or not, but your fear is definitely harming you.

fear of diseases

    The human body is made by nature in such a way that it adjusts itself under any circumstances. In today's time we are trying to eat nutritious food as best as possible. Drinking clean RO water. Still, doctors and diseases are not giving up. Hardly there is no sugar, blood pressure patient. Hard and kidney diseases have become common. Eye, and dental diseases are taking children under their wraps. Since childhood, it is our endeavor that what kind of food should be eaten to stay away from diseases? What kind of lifestyle should be followed to stay away from diseases? How to live in the environment, so as to stay away from diseases. And all of us are also taking that possible measure. But we are not able to stay away from diseases.

life of ancestors

   Have you ever thought about it? The farther away we are from diseases. The diseases are taking us in their grip. Why is this happening?

 Let's go back a little bit from today's time. In your grandfather's great-grandfather's time. When there were no roads, there were no medical facilities. At that time there were not as many facilities to live life as they are today. If you have seen your grandfather, great-grandfather, then try to remember a little. To them, to the people of that era, to their living conditions.

    As far as I remember. In my grandfather's time, people used to drink water from the well. He worked hard in the fields. They used to bathe in well water or in river water. Whatever food was available, roti, rice, sattu, etc. were eaten. No toothpaste but teething. To sleep in the summer outside, they used to make beds under trees or in the garden. There was no AC or cooler. They used to spread straw in the winter. And they used to get enough sleep. Still in health. My grandfather left the world after a hundred years of living a healthy life. And the people of that era almost lived a healthier life than the people of today.

solve my problem

     Still don't understand? In today's time, just look at those people who are not very resourceful. The people of the poor house are working in the scorching sun, soaked in sweat. Still, good health remains. Resourceful people, where they stay outside the AC for some time, are unable to bear the heat, they fall ill. In winter the children of the poor play chilledly and remain healthy. Our child is kept out of winter, yet still falls ill.

     I want to tell some of my experience. Once I felt that blood was coming from the gums of my teeth. Gradually, this problem increased so much that whenever I would put my finger on the teeth, my finger used to be red with blood. Only blood came out when spitting. On brushing, the brush would have turned red. On rinsing, instead of water, only blood was visible. I got very upset. Showed many doctors to no avail. Used a lot of expensive expensive tooth paste to no avail. Followed many remedies given by people to no avail. I was troubled for about six months.

   Then I stopped brushing. Putting red powder on the palm, started brushing it with the finger in the morning and evening. After a few days the bleeding stopped. Even today I either brush my teeth or rub it red with my finger. Bleeding problem is completely gone. Maybe other people can benefit from this too.

use natural things

     If you want to be healthy then you have to be close to nature. Stay away from artificial things. Nature has created the body. You can make the body whatever you want. If you want, make your mind, soul and body strong. If you want to be weak. Because this body is such that it is known to adjust in every environment. If you belong to a cold region and have to live in a hot region, then there may be trouble for a few days. Later, slowly your body adapts according to the climate there. You adjust there. Just give up the artificial environment, you will not get sick.

    Similar is the case with food and drink. You are better off, eat natural things. Just like the ripe fruit of a tree can never harm. If the same fruit is cooked by chemical, then it can never be of any benefit. The food should be homemade, and eating a little less than hunger will not do any harm. You can understand what the consequences of eating a piece of food will be. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian eat any food, eat a little less than hunger.

relinquishing the protective approach

      Most importantly, what will happen if the security is removed from the person living in high security? Danger,,,. Any of his enemies will attack him. Example - If you drink RO water all the time and for some reason you simply do not get RO water, then your body will not be able to adjust that water, you will fall ill. You always live in AC, for some reason you just have to stay in the heat, then your body will not be able to accept that heat, you will fall ill. You always eat bread and milk, for some reason you just got some other food, then the stomach will not be able to digest the other food, you will fall ill.

     It has been said that prevention is better than cure. Before adopting this proverb in life, it is necessary to decide how much to protect. To what extent should it be done? It should not be that prevention becomes the cause of diseases. The flower of the pot should not be so imprisoned that it dries up as soon as there is a little sunlight.

shine of hard work

 Another example - buy two iron spades from the shop. Apply oil to a spade and keep it in the corner of a house very well. Work every day with another spade. Cow the field, peel the grass, cut the soil. After six months, do both the hoe together. What difference will you see? You will see that the spade which was kept in the safe corner must have lost its shine. It would have been rusted. But the spade with which you were cutting the soil everyday, it must have been shining.

     The same work will have to be taken from this body. The more you give pain to the body, the more you burn it in the sun, soak it in water, fight with the winter, the more will the body's endurance power increase. It will increase immunity to fight diseases. Your body will shine like Kundan. Diseases and doctors will be far away.

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