How to save up to Rs 13050 by filling petrol?

 want to save money

 Nowadays every man wants how to save money? One tries as far as possible to save money. Tries to cut down on his expenses. He hardly saves some money from his daily expenses.

 saving a good habit

 Saving habit is a good habit. When little money is collected for 1 year, then you will be shocked that hey, so much money has been saved.

   Today I am going to tell you how you can save more than 13050 rupees in a year. O too, out of this important expense, which is not possible to avoid.

 daily need of petrol

 Friends, today petrol is the need of every man. Bike or car is the need of every man. If the cost of petrol for a day is assumed to be 500 rupees, then the expenditure of 15000 rupees per month comes. and 180000 rupees for the year. Whether petrol is cheap or expensive, it can be considered as a daily expense.

      Do you know that almost all the well-known banks give special credit cards for petrol, so that you get cash back on every purchase. For example I am telling you about SBI BPCL credit card.

SBI BPCL credit card

 1.  This card is for Special Patrol

 2.   Any product of Bharat Petroleum can be purchased with this card. Like petrol, diesel gas etc.

 3.   The joining fee of this card is 499 rs.

 4.   The annual fee of this card is also 499 rs.

   499 rs back on 50000 rs purchases.

5.   There is 2000 Activation Bonus reward points which is 500 rs.

 Benefits of SBI BPCL credit card

1.  After card activation, you get a gift voucher of Rs.1500. That is, you can get free oil worth 1500 rupees.

 2.  Get a cash back of 7.25% on every purchase.

 If you spend 180000 rs in oil in 1 year according to 500 rs daily, then you save 13050 rs according to cash back of 7.25%.

 3.  10 reward points are available for spending 100 rs on dining, departmental store, grocery, movie.

 4.   Get 4 complimentary airport lounge access in 1 year. Means one can stay at any airport four times in a year, in which food, seating, coffee etc. is free.

 5.  There is protection of Rs 100000 on  fraud transactions.

 6.  There is an interest free period of 50 days. This means you can pay the credit card bill anytime in 50 days. Interest will not be taken.

      So friends, I understand that if the cost of petrol and diesel is more, then if they use this credit card, then there can be a lot of savings in the year.

  Let me now tell who can take SBI BPCL credit card.


 1.  The age of the borrower of this credit card should not be less than 18 years and not more than 60 years.

 2.  The card holder should have a good credit score.

 3.   The card holder should have a regular income.

 4.   Who files ITR return every year.

 5.   card to card can also be applied. Means must have a credit card of another bank. The limit of which is Rs 50000.

 6.   The credit card of another bank should be 6 months old.

 7.   Address proof and PAN card should be there.

     So friends, whoever has this qualification can take SBI BPCL credit card. And can save a lot on fuel in a year.

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