What to do after 12th (+2)? A new idea.

 What after +2?

      This is a question that strikes a chord in the mind of every student. When? When they pass +2. What to do? Which course to do, they get confused, sometimes they take the wrong decision and destroy their entire career.

 cause of confusion

       There is also a good reason for the +2 pass student to be confused.

 1.  Having job related countless degrees, diplomas, professional courses after  +2.

      I am not giving the list of these degree, diploma, professional, medical law, computer, etc. courses. You can see the list by visiting the site of any university, institute.

 2. Time after  +2, turning point of life. This is such a time in which there is a pressure to choose one course from these countless courses.

 3.  Not being able to choose the job option related to  Science, Commerce, Arts streams.

 All the students who pass +2 are either of science or of commerce or of arts. After +2 when it comes to choosing job related courses then their choice has changed.

 4.  Science students inclined towards courses related to commerce or arts.

 5.  Students with commerce stream inclined towards degree, diploma or professional course with science or arts stream.

6.  Similarly, students with Arts stream are inclined towards job related courses related to Science or Commerce stream.

 7. Getting confused by people's advice.

  After +2, students start taking advice from people older than themselves, people who are already in the job, or from other people. He gets all kinds of advice from the people he knows. Somebody will say do B.Tech. Some will advise to do BCA. Some will suggest MBBS, then some will say do graduation. This is the biggest reason of confusion for the students.

 8.  Poor financial condition.

 When students pass +2 and leave, then suddenly the burden of huge expenses falls on them. Like course fee, hostel fee, traveling cost, maintenance cost and many more expenses etc. This also creates confusion.

 9.  No proximity to university or institute.

 This problem comes with students living in remote villages and students living in small towns. Due to lack of institutes or universities in their nearby cities, they find it difficult to make decisions. Their educational cost also increases significantly. And a state of disorientation arises.

 10.  To be the pressure of  parents.

 Parental pressure is also an important reason for confusion. The child is inclined to take another course and the parent is under pressure to take another course. Even this wastes time and money and the career of the child is not known.

      The question is the same what to do after +2? First of all, study the above mentioned reasons in depth. Find out which of these reasons apply to you. Then solve it.

do your counseling

      Remember, the biggest counselor is you yourself. Do your counseling yourself first. You will find yourself capable of solving all these problems. Then the second thing you have to do is--


  You go through the list of job related courses of your stream. For example, students with science study the list of courses related to science.

 Students with commerce study the list of courses related to commerce. Similarly, students with Arts stream should study the list of courses related to Arts. After studying very well you have to choose the course


     After going through the list of streams, you have to choose a course for yourself among them. Remember, while choosing the course, you must keep your interest in mind. If you miss out on choosing your preferred course, then it will be difficult to build a career in the future.

avoid advice

     Do not take any course by falling under someone's advice. As someone advises you, there is a lot of demand for mechanical engineers these days. from Mechanical b. do tech. But if you are interested in computer, then the decision to do b.tech from mechanical would be wrong. It would be good for you to do B.Tech from bca, B.Sc IT or Computer Science.


 Understand the rebellion happening in the world. The way the world is adopting new technology, in the same way you should also bring newness in yourself. Create understanding of new technology. Adopt it. Career tension will end.

 skill development

      Lastly, give your best performance in whatever course you choose. Build up your skills. Your career will flourish.

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