How to become a writer? What measures should be taken to become a successful writer?

 Friends, do you want to make a career in the field of writing?

 If you want to write, then this post is for you. First of all, think about why you want to write? For whom do you want to write? It is important to mention here that many people created blogs, started writing. Write five to eight posts, after that they stopped understanding what to write now? From where did you get so many subjects? Due to lack of idea, he stopped writing. His dream of making a career in the field of writing remained unfulfilled.

        Before you enter the field of writing, make sure that this field is for you or not. You have the qualities to be a good writer or not. I am assuming that you have all those qualities which are in a good writer. What are the qualities, let me tell you.

 to be god gifted

      Even a very good musician is sometimes not a good singer. Because he doesn't have a beautiful and sweet voice. In the same way, even after having a lot of knowledge, if the style of writing is not good, then one cannot become a good writer. This is God gifted.

be a good reader

 A writer has to be a good reader. One has to make a habit of reading all kinds of books. Must be fond of reading books. I have also met people who used to read different types of magazines, novels, newspapers all the time. And while studying, it came at a time that his passion for writing woke up. He became a good writer.

 When a man is a reader for years. So he suddenly becomes aware of many subjects. The writing style of different types of writers is known by reading poetry, short stories, contemporary articles, novels etc. He has got a huge stock of words. And who can stop him from becoming a writer who has a wealth of information and words on subjects?

 having a social network

 To be a good writer, one must be in touch with all kinds of people. The more you connect with the society, the more you will get a chance to know more ideas and problems. What are people's hobbies? What are people's problems? What opportunities do people have? What do people like and what do they dislike? In this way, there is a chance to know and understand the views of different types of people.

to roam

 To be a writer, it is also necessary to be a nomad. Travelers in different regions get a chance to know the living conditions of the people there. What is the food of people from different places? What are their customs? They get a chance to understand their dress, dialect, languages. Scenic places, tourist places, religious activities provide sufficient material for writing.

 Hard labor

  For those who want to achieve fame overnight, writing is not for them. For this you have to work hard. The more the practice of writing, the more the writing will develop. If you have made a blog and have written four or five articles. Adsense approval has also been received. There is no traffic. People don't come to your site. So there is no need to be disappointed. There is a need to keep writing continuously with diligence. Continuing to write quality content, hard work pays off after a couple of years. And your blog starts ranking.

why write

      If you want to write, first of all think about why you are writing? For whom are you writing? When starting, you have to start from the beginning. One who writes for others will fail. So you write for yourself. Write what you like. Write with your heart. Write a lot When you write for yourself, your mind will be satisfied. Write for someone else, he will not read, then you will get frustrated and stop writing. So regardless of anyone, keep writing for yourself. A time will come that you will start writing for others. People will start reading you. Your identity will have been established.

 Do not copywriting

       When someone starts writing, he makes a mistake. That mistake is to write the concept of another writer by mixing it with other things. There is no life in the content of those who write like this. He does not know his identity. Such writing should not be done. The second mistake is to copy paste the things written by someone. One, you are violating the copyright. The other is slaying his own pen with an ax. Never make such mistake.

      You write thinking that whatever you write, you will write the most beautiful, you will write the best.

writing course

 If you want to build more confidence then you can also take a writing course. Writing courses are offered in many universities. Online courses are also available. You can do writing course as per your convenience.

 creative writer

 When self-confidence is created in you, then the pen starts dancing on your gestures. You can choose any field from many areas of writing like--- Film Story Writing, Creative Writing, Thriller, Suspense Motivation, Technology, Poetry, Story, Novel, etc.

 The only condition is that keep writing.

 In the end

 1 To become a writer, one should have knowledge of one or more languages.

 2 The writing style should be good.

 3 Must be fond of reading books.

 4 Must Have Imaginative Mind

 5. Do not copy. Write in your own language.

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