How to travel long distance?

 long distance travel

 You also travel long distances by train. You can also do it by bus. You can also do it by airplane. You can also have your own car. It depends on the time and circumstances

 Most of the people prefer to travel long distances by train. If it is necessary to travel in an emergency, if the train ticket is not available, then one has to travel by bus also. And what about the flight?

 Village people's problems

      Your journey may be of ten hours or of 24 hours or of two days. This distance will be called long distance only. Many people have to travel from remote countryside to metros to catch trains. For this, those people first have to go to the nearest market by auto. Then you have to travel three to four hours by catching the bus. Then they reach the metropolis. Five to six hours pass in this cycle. Now if you have to travel for 2 days by catching a train from the metropolis, then you can understand how painful the journey would have to be for such people. Therefore, special preparation should be done for this kind of journey.

Do not share your travel details with anyone

 Before traveling for long distances, you should be mentally prepared. You should be excited about the journey in your mind. People should not be given too much information about their travels. How many days to go when to come back? Thieves in cities keep on looking for which house is vacant? There is a risk of theft if accurate information is leaked by you. That's why people should not give too much information.

 some necessary preparation

     Some necessary preparations should be made before leaving on the journey. If possible, one should not travel with much luggage. A first aid box must be kept with you. In which pain killer medicine, zyme stomach ache medicine, gas medicine Tablets, ointments for bruises, handiplast, vitamin C, vitamin B, etc., should be essential medicines. A towel should be placed at the top of the bag. readily available. Tooth paste and brush must also be kept in the food on the side of the bag. To use on the way, a bar of soap, tissue paper, and sanitizer must also be kept. Hands should be sanitized after a while. If you have family and children together, then their hands should also be sanitized.

putting things in the right place

 In travel, clothes should be worn comfortably. According to the season, warm clothes should be worn in winter and cotton clothes in summer. Whatever the fabric, it should be comfortable. So that you can be comfortable in any situation. If there is a family and children along with them, then the things needed for them in the journey should be kept at the top of the bag. So that things do not have to come out from below by scattering all the stuff on the way.

    Food items should also be kept in proper place. Keep the biscuit salty etc. One should not eat rich food on the way. Only digestible food should be eaten. A water bottle should be kept with you. And drink water after a while. It does not cause dehydration.

 distance from strangers

   When you sit in your reserved seat, tie your shoecase with a chain and lock it. The advantage of this is that if you fall asleep, then no one will be able to run away with your suitcase.

 In the journey, keep your behavior in such a way that others do not have trouble. Be polite, but do not mix with any stranger. One should not eat anything given by any stranger. Nor should one give his food to any other person to eat.

mobile security

    In earlier times, people used to travel long distances, they used to keep letters, magazines or novels with them to pass the time. But in today's era only you have mobile which can give you all kinds of entertainment. But do not forget to keep the mobile charger. If possible, keep Pawar bank with you. Also keep the mobile safe. There is a danger of being forgotten and stolen.

     If you take care of all these things then your long distance journey will be pleasant. You will be able to travel safely.

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