Are you also an uninvited guest?

 Meaning of uninvited guest

 Guest means guest. Which has no date of arrival. According to this, all the people who go to someone's place as guests, they should be uninvited guests.

    Then what is the meaning of the proverb about uninvited guests? How did this become popular? I think maybe the guests who do not like you can be uninvited guests, or the guests who keep coming to your place without any reason can be in the category of uninvited guests. An uninvited guest can also be someone who has no relation with you and comes to you by adding a relationship of coercion.

    Guests are like God. There is a guest deity here. We have a lot of respect for the guests. Let's see how to be a guest?

unknown guest

 In the category of unknown guests there are those guests who are not directly introduced to you. But those guests are very special. Like the guests coming with the relation of the boy's marriage or the girl's marriage. These guests come through a mediator. An acquaintance or friend of yours is the mediator. He brings those people. When such a guest comes home, there is a festive atmosphere. Whatever is paid for is rarely done. Because if a good image is not created in their eyes, then they will not marry the boy or girl with you. People wait for such a guest by laying their eyelids.

wife's relatives

      These guests are relatives of the wife. In which the wife's mother, father's brother and brother's wife, sister are brother-in-law. Their hospitality is also not less. If there is any deficiency in the hospitality of these guests then it is not good for you. Even if these guests stay for a few days, there is no problem. If you want to go, then they are requested that what is the hurry? Don't stay for a few more days. As long as these guests are also in the house, there is an atmosphere of happiness. Special care is taken to ensure that they do not face any kind of problem.

 mother's relatives

      These guests are relatives of the mother. Like maternal grandfather, maternal uncle, aunt, etc. These guests also get a good response. But with time, the warmth of these relationships diminishes. By the way, when this relationship becomes very old, then the arrival of these guests decreases. Then they come only in a marriage ceremony or any function and leave after giving blessings.

your relatives

     These guests are your daughter, son-in-law, their mother and father, that is, your companions. Son-in-law also has brothers and sisters. These guests are like gods. Daughters belong to your house. Yours is yours. But after getting married, she gets caught in the responsibilities of her house, so the daughter is also like a guest. By the way, even before marriage, it is said that daughters are guests. Daughter-in-law is the most important guest of the house. Along with these, Samadhi Samadhan also comes in the category of very important guests. Her sister-in-law Nandoi and brother-in-law also have a lot of care related to the daughter. Due to their presence, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the house. These guests are also requested to stay for a few more days.

 Village neighbors and acquaintances

     These are not guests. One has to meet them every day and every day there is a prayer and salute. But they also sometimes become guests. When? When you live in a city and in the course of some work, they come to a familiar city. These guests get a little annoying. Seeing them, they have to say that how did they come? Only this address proves that his arrival is not encouraging. Because sometimes the host is in a hurry to go to work. From there the compulsion to come late. So sometimes the health of the wife is bad and sometimes everyone needs to go somewhere.

forced guests

    This guest is very much appreciated. Because you don't have any weapons on it. On the contrary, it keeps running its weapon on you. These guests reach your place by adding some relation or the other. They do not have any direct relation with you. Still, they describe themselves as very special to you. Not only this, as soon as they come, they make a request, today is the season to eat Chicken Litti. Now even if you don't want to, you have to make chicken.

 Children will also be disturbed "Son, bring a glass of water". After holding the glass of water in his hand, the second firmis "son, bring some sugar". As soon as the sugar came "son bring a pinch of salt". Guest ji will now make the mixture with love. And after drinking it will say that "Chinese salt solution is very good for the stomach".

        If you would like them to leave your house soon, then this will not happen either. No matter how rude you treat them, it has no effect on them. It is very important to mention a guest in this episode.

       It would be four o'clock in the evening, it was a hot summer day, a guest came to our place. After breakfast and water, he got ready to go, saying that today is his birthday, it is very important to go home. People will be waiting at home. Then he himself sat down and started talking long. Then he said, today is my birthday. Then he sat down and started talking. Doing the same way, it was 9 o'clock in the night. But they did not go sir. At 9 o'clock he said to my wife, sister-in-law, now the night is enough, you just make kheer, puri and vegetables, we consider it as a birthday here. He got the kheer puri made by Monsieur and got a ready-made cake from the shop of the street. By ordering some balloons and a knife, cut the cake at our place and celebrate the birthday. Forcibly we had to say Happy Birthday to you. He slept after eating kheer puri. I did not understand that the man who was worried to leave as soon as he came. If no one stopped, why didn't he go to his house? The people of his house were waiting for him, they had made preparations to celebrate the birthday, so what happened to their preparations? This is not less than a puzzle for me even today.

  It was a matter of guest. Sometimes the hosts are also found to be unique, it is also necessary to mention them here.

will eat more

  Once a cousin of mine and I went to each other's uncle's girl's place. She also happened to be our cousin. Many times she used to say on the phone that sometime come to our place. After leaving, she met us with great love. Cooked food at night. We sat down to eat. Had good food. But the system of the city was making each and every roti out of the pan like a thin paper. We were going on eating. After giving three or four rotis, he will say and take it. I had my cousin with me, didn't say anything. After giving one or two thin rotis, then he will speak and eat. We said "not done." What would someone say? After eating we got up. After a while my cousin came out and said, brother, the stomach is not full, but there is still hunger left. I could understand. Actually the brother of the village used to work very hard. And he used to eat ten and fifteen breads by pressing thick thick ones. What would fill his stomach with thin thin five-six rotis? Then we go out on the pretext of a walk and go to the hotel to have food and come to his house and sleep.

     In this way the host is in trouble because of the guest, and sometimes the guest is also in trouble because of the host.

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