Relationship Tips : Shattered relationships 💔 What to do so that the relationship doesn't break ? Happy life partner !

 Everyone gets married. Everyone spends his life with his partner. Some people spend their whole life happily while some people just maintain a relationship. Some people decide to separate from their partner and live life while some people change their partner.

Right now we try to avoid going astray for many reasons. Related to this topic, we only try to know how to make our married life happy?

By the way, it is the responsibility of both husband and wife to make married life happy. If there is understanding between husband and wife, then their relationship will never get spoiled. Till now you must have seen many relationships deteriorating. Have you ever wondered why relationships deteriorate?

Shattered relationships

Is poverty the reason for bad relationships?

Have you ever seen that a wife has left her husband due to poverty. Never. Till date no wife has been seen leaving her husband due to poverty. Rather it has been seen that the wife fights shoulder to shoulder with her husband. She works hard together with her husband to remove poverty. That's why it would be wrong to say that relationships deteriorate due to poverty.

Is the age difference the reason for the deterioration of the relationship?

In earlier times, marriages used to take place between boys and girls of the same age. The age difference was not much. This used to be a difference of two to four years. But in today's era, the discrimination of age regarding marriages has disappeared. In today's era, all kinds of marriages are being seen. The age of the boy is very high and the age of the girl is less. Similarly, the age of the girl is more and the age of the boy is less. The life span of such marriages is not long. Do such marriages not last?

 You will be shocked when you investigate. The age gap is more in the couple. The love is that much more in that couple. Combination of experience and romance makes life more beautiful. That's why relationships don't spoil even because of age gap.

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Is the reason for the breakdown of the relationship not being beautiful in one of the husband and wife?

You must have seen many mismatched pairs. Mismatched pairs means difference in personality of both husband and wife. One being less attractive than the other. Husband is more beautiful then wife less or wife is more beautiful then husband is less. Sometimes people also make comments on such pairs. They also make fun of him behind his ear. It happens that such marriages also happen with the consent of the people of the house. Sometimes such marriages happen even after falling in love. That's why even these marriages do not break. Such mismatched pairs have also been seen spending their entire lives together. That's why even mismatched marriages are not the reason for the breakup of the relationship.

Sometimes due to mismatched marriages, people live by choking. Life becomes a burden. But we spend life together. Relationships don't break.

Is the disparity in education the reason for the breakdown of the relationship?

Many times the husband is more educated and the wife is less educated. Exactly the opposite also happens. The wife is more educated, the husband is less educated. You have seen more couples in which the husband is an officer and the wife is a housewife. All such pairings have been successful. Some such couples are also found in which the wife is an officer and not the husband. This disparity is a bit uncomfortable, yet it rarely becomes the reason for the breakdown of the relationship. Often relationships remain smooth, relationships do not break.

Now the question arises that why do relationships break?

What are the reasons for breaking of relationships?

Investigate the reasons for the breakdown of relationships, before this it is important to know where the relationships break down?

It has often been seen that where there is no shortage of food and clothing. Where there is no dearth of luxury and comfort. Where one does not have to struggle a lot to live life. Where there is no inequality in the level of education. What happens there that relationships become a burden and there is no other option but to break up.

It is the first reason for breakup of relationship.

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It is common to have quarrels in the relationship between husband and wife. Sometimes quarrels strengthen the relationship and also increase love. But if there is a clash of ego in everyday quarrels, then there is a rift in the relationship. If both husband and wife start degrading each other, then it is a very dangerous thing for the relationship. The most dangerous thing is to prove yourself right and others wrong. It is dangerous to try to make everything yours in a relationship. Not respecting other's feelings is like shooting yourself in the foot.


Anger is the second reason for the breakdown of the relationship. A person loses his discretion in anger. He himself does not know what the person who has lost his temper will say. Sometimes it happens in the fight between husband and wife that both of them shout at each other. Due to excessive anger, he throws or breaks household items. It is okay till now, but when they say something which should not be said, then the relationship comes on the verge of breaking. You should know that some things are so poisonous that they cut deeper than a dagger. These poisonous things are enough to break a relationship.


Suspicion has a big hand in breaking relationships. Suspicion is a disease that has no cure. In married life, when the husband starts doubting the wife or the wife starts doubting the husband, then life becomes very difficult to live.

How to save the relationship from breaking?

To save the relationship from breaking, one should try to give more time to his partner. Nothing should be hidden. Where questions related to doubt come, there should not be stammering answers. One should not tell such a lie that the partner becomes silent at that time but more questions start arising in the mind. Then when the truth came out, he had to ask why did you lie?

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

The most important things in a relationship are trust, love and respect. There should be complete trust in the partner. Love should be done but love should also be shown. The partner should feel that you love him very much. Expressing love is an art. This definitely has to come. Also, you should have full respect for your partner. Some people have a habit of scolding their partner in front of two or four people. Get annoyed on that. Red shows red eyes. This should never be done. If there is any issue, it should be done in private. Oops, never in front of two or four people.

If you want to live a happy married life. If you want to save your relationship, then remove ego, anger and doubt from your life. Avoiding relationship breakup should be the first mission of your life. Trust and love are the basic mantras of a happy life.

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